Liberl Arts for Journalism?

<p>I was just wondering which liberal arts schools are known and good for journalism/writing/english and which ones I should stay away from. Thank you all so very much!!!</p>

<p>Well...there aren't necessarily any schools that you should stay away from. </p>

<p>But when it comes to picking, there are a few things I would look for:</p>

<p>1. Either a journalism minor or a really good newspaper. The thing is, you don't have to major in journalism to become a journalist. In fact, some journalists will even recommend that you major in a completely different area of interest, just to broaden your scope more. However, no matter what your major, you do need to learn how to write journalistically. Journalistic writing is nothing like kind of writing you do for class, so if you don't major in journalism, definitely either get minor or work on the school paper. </p>

<p>2. Good internship opportunities. In journalism, talent alone won't get you very far - you need connections to be competitive for good newspaper or magazine jobs. Going to a school in or near a city would be good; if the school has a good track record when it comes to insternships and job placement, even better. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>I don't know much about journalism programs, but I've heard that Ithaca College is a good place to look if you want journalism at an LAC.</p>