<p>I haven't been on here in months, but just to tell everyone Liberman defeated partisanism.</p>

<p>you mean Lieberman, perhaps?</p>

<p>hmmm...Lieberman is dumped by his own constituency in the primary and then beats a Democratic candidate last night. Was there even a Republican on the ticket?</p>

<p>Yes, there was a Republican (Alan Schlesinger) running against Lieberman and Lamont. Schlesinger got 10 percent of the vote.</p>

<p>I'm dying to know the back story on the Lieberman hatchet job. I figure either Clinton or Schumer authorized the lynching and for what? I don't buy the War Supporter gunk. Hillary is a leading War Supporter.</p>

<p>Umm, there was no hatchet job. Connecticut Democrats got tired of having a supposedly Democratic senator supporting the Bush administration. Lieberman was a huge war booster, and the war was never popular in CT. Lieberman helped get Alito on the court by voting against discussion of the candidate, and then casting his vote against Alito when it wouldn't matter anymore.</p>

<p>Add to that the fact that Lieberman was never in CT, anyone who dealt with his office may have experienced the same crap responses that I did (no matter what I wrote about, the response was always a form letter that said, in essence, thanks for supporting Joe), and you get a movement for a better representative. </p>

<p>Bipartisanship is meaningless when only one party is acting in a bipartisan manner. The Republicans didn't gain power by being bipartisan, they did it by being extremely partisan. I'm not saying the Dems should do the exact same thing, but let's not bring knives to a gunfight, either.</p>