Libertarian at Hampden-Sydney... bad idea?

<p>I am liberal socially... pro gay rights and not myopic in the faintest sense. But fiscally, I am very laissez-faire capitalism. I am agnostic, which doesn't fit along with the HSC theology. </p>

<p>So, while I don't sound like a typical HSC students, my scores, grades, and rank qualify me for $30,000 scholarships there, and there's something about the school that's really appealing.</p>

<p>Would I be ostracized?</p>

<p>Actually, Libertarians are quite active on campus. They are really the bastion of the economics department there…google the work of some of the professors in that department for more info, they are really active in the libertarian movement. This also apples to the students, most of the really intellectual students are either libertarian or liberal. Socially, the atmosphere is very conservative, but no one really asks about your political beliefs, and most conservatives are fine with libertarians. One fraternity in particular is primarily libertarian, however, so there are opportunities to have a social life if you care about being around people who share your beliefs. Take it from me-its far more stigmatized to be a liberal on campus…I happen to be one, and we are a small minority.</p>



<p>I wonder how you define “intellectual.” Apples … applies.</p>