LIBERTY UNIVERSITY STUDENTS/ALUMNI ONLY - is East Campus a good option for incoming freshman?

I’m an incoming freshman at Liberty. I don’t know anyone else who’s coming in really well (I.e.: I don’t have a solid friend group coming in with me). I chose to live on East because it seemed like the closest to campus (vines center, Monteview, etc.). I’m in a quad with 3 people per room. HOWEVER, I am hearing that incoming freshman should not live on east because it’s isolated, unless they have friends who they want to live with or are athletes who live with their teammates (neither of which I have/am). I am the type of person who hates to feel/be excluded, I’m really sensitive to that. I’m not completely finished with FCI, so I can still change my rooming situation before I complete it.

I’m considering changing my dorm to the Quads, which is the same price. Basically, what I want to know is how good or bad is East for freshman to live in? Would anyone recommend or not recommend it?

East is not far by any measure and closer to much of the campus north of DeMoss. Dont sweat it.

I am surprised that FCI would allow you to choose East as it’s only for juniors or seniors. It’s across the main road and is far with walking distance (you’ll need to take the shuttle if you live there)… Live in the Quads or Commons if you are concerned with making friends. I would change your housing as soon as you can.