Library job- description?

<p>SO i got a job in the fine art computer lab like 3 days ago.</p>

<p>Leavey gives me an email a day later AFTER my job interview saying they have open shifts. (i live in birnkrant so it would be better for me to walk over to leavey instead of fine art building which is 10 minutes away. and i have to walk during nights so)</p>

<p>I am tempted to work in leavey (if they have good times anyhow, like friday and saturday afternoon shifts) but I already filled out all my forms for fine art job and got my keys and everything...</p>

<p>can i still quit if i want to? (I have a feeling my new boss is going to get super ****ed off at me but) i can right? (i'm just a lil afraid)</p>

<p>I have shifts on tuesdays and thursday... thursdays are ok but tuesdays are a little iffy for me because i have alot of classes on wednesday and a midterm this wednesday as well.</p>

<p>Sho.. if i did quit and got a job @ leavey...what work would i exactly do in leavey? I know there was somebody here who used to work in leavey so... I heard it's pretty easy. is it true?</p>

<p>I'm seriously debating this so... help me out.</p>

<p>Someone please help?? please??? (anybody with job experiences from leavey or fine art computer lab plz)</p>

<p>If I were you, I'd level with the bosses & see what they have to say. The honorable thing to do is to keep the job you got 1st, of course. Definiltely go to that boss 1st & see whether they have other folks clammoring for your job. You could stick it out for a semester & then take a different job 2nd semester? That's how I'd handle it if I were you, but you have to be true to yourself.</p>

<p>i’d take the Leavey position…but’s that me, I worked there and its fairly easy, Sat. & Sun. and night time shifts</p>

<p>if your trying to get more done, the Fine Arts library maybe the better choice since less people would frequent it</p>

<p>you’re not quitting since you never worked there, you’re giving up your position beforehand, which is much more professional, basically its like deciding on what’s your best offer </p>

<p>if anything, try out Leavey 1st, if you end up not liking it, there’s always people looking to cover shifts there whereas Fine Arts library would have a limited amount to cover shifts, etc.</p>

<p>either way, working out the library rocks…IMO</p>

<p>good luck</p>

<p>hey i'm working at the fine art building right now (leavey never wrote me back so pssh with them) and its fairly empty which is exactly the way i like it. (i have a midterm tommorow so right now is a good time to study) XD I might try leavey next semester i guess... but i would prob have to do night shifts and i like sleeping...oh well. other than walking 10 minutes to get here, i guess it's quite good. Thanks for telling me about leavey though, i was interested for a moment but like i said, they never wrote me back (after THEY asked me if i wanted a job.)</p>

<p>Glad things have worked out for you & hope you continue to enjoy it & be able to study on the job. Pretty good to get paid while you study. :)</p>