lies and truth in application!

<p>After i read some prominent books about college admissions( michele hernandez books), i found out that there is no checking of truth in some fields, by admission officers.</p>

<p>I mean: being a president of club,mediocre award certificates, FIRST GENERATION College admitted students(one can write that he is-no one will check).</p>

<p>a man,who is going to lie in many fields and me,who writes truth are in the same category and evaluated in the same ways.</p>

<p>What do u think about this or maybe im wrong?</p>

<p>Lets discuss this important thread!</p>

<p>No one has any idea ?</p>

<p>Admissions officers don't check your club involvement because A) It's almost literally impossible, and B) They don't give a damn if you were president of the Spanish Club unless it truly made an impact on you. As far as the first generation thing goes, I hope that isn't true, but more than that, I hope to God people don't take advantage of it.</p>

<p>I've read on these boards that some colleges have internal requirements to verify ECs and app data through the GC.</p>

<p>hkobb7 - yes u are right,but being a 6 club presidents is truly magnificent and one can guile it,you know :)</p>

<p>im more interested in First generation college,how do they check :)
Erin's Dad yes,but MOST elite colleges dont have it :)</p>

<p>any divergent idea?</p>


<p>can u give me the active thread about this idea?</p>

<p>but they can't check international students. it's impossible.</p>

<p>Probably colleges have years of experience and they can easily detect a false one. I dunno. Or probably not many students lie in application knowing that they would get punished like being expelled or deter from being accepted..etc</p>

<p>It's pretty tough to lie about the things that colleges really care about, because what you say is just a small piece of the info that they get on you. </p>

<p>First generation is just a proxy for social/economic diversity. If you put down first generation college, but you live in Scarsdale and list your father's occupation as VP of finance, and have an EFC of 0 a) it's unlikely the college is going to believe he didn't go to college. and b) it isn't going to help you even if it's true.</p>