Life after best friend joins fraternity

<p>alright me and my friend became really close since the fall semester last year. Mainly because we ended up being suite mates and basically have grown closer since then.</p>

<p>Well near the end of the spring semester this year, my friend joined a fraternity. I didnt know about it until a week before the probate cause he told me and my friend. Though, I kinda had a feeling after awhile considering he was MIA practically all semester and we didn't hang out nearly as much as in the fall. So during his hiatus, i grown pretty close to a friend of ours as well which was good.</p>

<p>Dont get me wrong, im very happy for him joining fraternity. But i guess ever since he joined, hes around them all the time now (not that i want all the attention, its just im more so treated like an associate than a friend now i feel). Maybe im blowing this out of context. Maybe its just the fact that he just joined and the "excitement" of being apart of a brotherhood has yet to cool off a bit. Or maybe i am just overreacting and i just need to give it time till he begins to balance out the two.</p>

<p>Has anyone else been in a similar situation after a friend has joined a frat/sorority he/she starts acting differenty around you</p>

<p>I'd give it time because it's probably the excitement factor. But I would also recommend branching out at the same time. Never hurts.</p>

<p>It's normal that he's "around them all the time now." My freshman year roommate pledged a fraternity, and I only saw him once a week during Fall semester and not at all during his initiation week. After he made it through the pledge process in Spring semester, I saw him much more often. In addition, my hall council's treasurer did not pledge Fall semester but pledged Spring semester instead. He used to reimburse us for our events one week after they were done, but after he pledged a fraternity during the second semester of the year, he didn't reimburse us until a month after the events were done. I can only guess that it was because he too was "around them all the time."</p>

<p>When I received a bid at the same fraternity as my freshman year roommate, I read that there was a minimum commitment of eight hours a week to the fraternity as a pledge. That's horribly misleading. If you only do the minimum eight hours a week, sooner or later, you'll be blackballed (ie. kicked out). If you want to be a brother, you have to be "around them all the time."</p>

<p>If you're close, then you'll stay close after he finishes the pledging process. In the meanwhile, I agree to branch out.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice...By branching out do you guys mean going my separate way for a while till the excitement factor wears off and just hang around other friends in the meantime?. If so, yea i was going to pretty much be doing that even though me, him and two other people will be staying in an apartment together in the fall.</p>

<p>That's exactly what I meant by branching out.</p>