Life as a lawyer

<p>How many hours do associates work a week? How much money do they make? Is it comparable to investment banking, where you are constantly under pressure to move up to associate (partner) and worry about getting fired if you underperform? </p>

<p>How many hours do partners make and how many hours do they work a week? What about in-house lawyers?</p>

<p>Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.</p>


<p>Hey from what I hear, if you have not made partner, then it is expected of you to fulfill billable hours like (ranging from 70-100 hr weeks). You continue you this until you’ve made partner, some over due it and clock well over that amount. How much you make depends on where you live and what field you are in, there is the generalization that criminal lawyers get paid squat (50-70) a year, whereas corporate lawyers make (100-120). But in terms of location, that corporate lawyer if put in the middle of nowhere, can make around 75, whereas a criminal lawyer can get over a 100 in Texas (not to knock Texas, go Longhorns!!!) so it varies. I do believe there is pressure in getting moved up to partner, however, firms hold on to people that haven’t made partner for ages (6-10 years, and some well beyond that sometimes but those are in select situations). I really don’t think they worry to much about whether they should keep Mr. G because he isn’t doing yada yada because they don’t pay him that partner salary. This is what I hear, nothing is concrete but this is what I expect to be. Life as a partner is much better, the hours are very flexible :)</p>