Life at Agnes Scott?

<p>Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me about life at Agnes Scott? Both academic and socially. Actually, just any thoughts about Agnes Scott at all would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Agnes Scott is a selective school and is well thought of. Academically it can be challanging - there is a focus on writing (and to some degree, speaking) well. They assist in this regard by providing a writing and speaking center where they work with students. Also, when the say they "think deeply", I think they mean about social awareness. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on human rights, social issues, women's issues and the world at large - many of the classes will incorporate discussion of such. </p>

<p>The first few weeks of school are very active - they do a great job planning tons of activities for the women to participate in - so much so that I think for some it might even be a little too much (but you can always opt out of pretty much any activity). This is to help the women meet friends and settle in. Weekly there are always a variety of other social activities. I don't know about dating - although I do know that they have some functions with GA TECH and Emory guys - I've even heard of speed dating events. </p>

<p>I think overall, you can be involved or not as much as you want.</p>