Life at College of the Holy Cross

Hi all! I applied to Holy Cross early decision because I am very confident in how much I can see myself there. Now that all I can do is wait, I was wondering if there are any alumni here that can talk about their time/ the campus life of H.C. Thanks so much!

I’m a Holy Cross alum and have a nephew that just graduated from HC in May. I greatly enjoyed my 4 years there and had absolutely no trouble finding a job when I graduated. I made some great friends with whom I am still in touch 30 years after graduation. For me it was a great size; coming from a tiny all girls’ high school I didn’t want a huge university where I felt like a number, but I didn’t want somewhere so small that I would never meet anyone new. There is a lot to do on campus, as well as some nice restaurants in Worcester. I know HC is sometimes criticized because they feel students are “all the same”. For me this was not an issue as I fit into that “sameness”, and my nephew had the same experience. They are working on making the student population more diverse; this has definitely come a long way since my time on campus. If there is anything more specific that you want to know I would be glad to try to answer it. (PS I think this popped up on a Villanova thread, not a HC thread?)

I had a great experience at HC (1988-1992). One of the things that attracted me to Holy Cross was the focused residential aspect of the college - it is a contained environment with clear lines of demarcation, and the sense of community that fosters on campus is palpable. The vibe at HC when I attended was a very friendly, “good kid” feeling; welcoming, outgoing and socially involved. I was also attracted to the well-rounded, balanced approach to student development in the Jesuit tradition - academic, social, physical, spiritual. The size for me was “just right”; not claustrophobically small, but intimate enough to foster personalized attention and the development of close social relationships. There was always plenty to do on campus, and the central MA location is a close shot to all things New England. It’s encouraging to see HC’s commitment to the arts with the new facility in the works; if I had one critique during my time there, it was that there could have been a more stimulating and cohesive on-campus arts and culture focus. Best of luck to you!

Good decision.

The campus is magnificent, the people are infectious and the community is unrivaled.

Whether you want to be a lawyer, teacher, ibanker or doctor, HC’s rigor and the alumni clout will pave the way. Couldn’t say enough good things about this school.

I can only speak to my DD’s experience, so take it with a grain of salt. She LOVES the Jesuit faith experience, and feels that it is a very strong presence on campus. She knows she is getting an excellent education as well. However, as a midwestern kid, the “vibe” is very New England, with many kids coming from prep schools, and very few from working class backgrounds. So when she speaks of having to come home over breaks to work, she can’t find anyone who really relates. Small class sizes are also great, but due to this commitment as well are over enrolling the past few years, it is incredibly difficult to get into some classes in her major. Study abroad for a whole year is also “encouraged”, again probably due to the housing pinch. For example, if you don’t want to go abroad for a whole year, you need to give a valid reason. For one student she knows, mental health was an issue, and she was told “find a counselor abroad”. She feels a bit constrained on campus, with no car and few opportunities to go out exploring. Strong alumni network, but not for all fields, and heavily concentrated in New England. Just like anywhere else, you take the good with the bad.

My daughter has had some what of similar experience. Due to over enrollment, students can NOT get into the courses that they want or need to take. The administration needs to hire more professors and enlarge the class size by adding more seats. Registration is a nightmare and the college needs to make some serious changes. Very Disappointed

The course registration process is a head ache at just about every college. Not unique to HC. It gets better as a major is declared and you get priority seating.

My D has not had too many problems with class registration. Has had luck with going on wait lists a few times or talking directly to professors to get into classes. As for study abroad, a fair amount do spend the whole year abroad, but a fair amount do go for just one semester.

I don’t think most HC students do a year abroad. Most do a semester.

Broadly speaking, The College of the Holy Cross has a reputation for conscientious, hard-working students.

I have a few friends who are graduates of Holy Cross. All are very successful medical professionals.

Sadly, even with a selected major registration for courses you are interested in and those for which are required, it has been MOST DIFFICULT at best. HC needs to hire more professors or add more seats. the whole process is unsettling. I have multiple children at other similar colleges and they never had the negative experience that HC provides for registration.

HC is a great school, but they need to be aware that there is a problem. My Crusader has addressed it and it fell on deaf ears. very sad