life at Marietta

<p>My D who is a jr in hs has just developed a beginning interest in Marietta after having a host of other schools on her interest list. I would be interest in comments about the school and from other prospects about why they are interested. </p>

<p>My D is interested in public policy/international affairs and vocal music. Both llok good at the school as well as the overall atmosphere and the campus. We plan to visit in March.</p>


<p>Wondering if you made that trip and have a Marietta report?</p>

<p>Our visit a few weeks ago was great. I love it. My D friend loved it. My D didn't keep it on her list.</p>

<p>I loved the area, the city and the campus. Goregous. Resources close by. Downtown is just down the hill and has restaurants etc. Shopping stores are within a walk of the campus.</p>

<p>Their leadership program I think is very good. I'm hoping that my D might change her mind, but she just didn't feel like it was what she was looking for. Her friend who wants to major in international business felt it fit her like a "t."</p>

<p>My D choices so far are Beloit, Grinnell, Wooster and Elmhurst. So it isn't that Marietta isn't good. It just didn't come up for her to what she was looking for.</p>


<p>any questions you may have about the area/school, i would be happy to try to answer. i grew up in marietta (though am not a student at MC myself), have attended programs there, and i know plenty of people who work there.</p>

<p>Anyone out there in their BFA Theater (acting) program? How are you liking it. What are the pros and cons?</p>