Life Goals

<p>What are your ambitions, goals and dreams for your life after college?</p>

<p>right now, a PhD from a decent to excellent university. Other than that, I’ll find a girl, travel to anywhere but here, make a bucket list, and hopefully have the time to complete it.</p>

<p>Hopefully get a PhD and/or JD. And hopefully get to do that in Boston =]</p>

<p>CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation.</p>

<p>Hey, one can dream.</p>

<p>My dream is to live in LA. I will be applying to numerous summer internships for talent agencies, which will hopefully get my feet wet. I used to live in LA and love it, maybe get a MBA from a school in socal too.</p>

<p>television writer=dream job :smiley:
working in local/small market TV station=more realistic goal</p>

<p>I really do want to move to L.A. as well, but that just involves so much money and it’s so far away from my family. I think I’ll work a few years more locally or regionally first and see what I want to do then.</p>

<p>Become an MD, join the Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders. Travel travel travel, write a novel and fall in love.</p>

<p>live somewhere nice, comfortably, and find ‘the one’. and I don’t mean Neo :P</p>

<p>backpack through europe, maybe live overseas for a bit. take time off and do everything I won’t be able to do when I have a career. travel as much as possible. invent diet alcohol, sell the patent and become rich.</p>

<p>Run a 4.2.</p>

<p>To attend as many music festivals as possible. I’ve already started my list with Bonnaroo. ARRROOOO!!</p>

<p>Bike across the U.S. hells yeah.</p>

<p>Trip to Africa.</p>

<p>Buy a street legal motorcycle. :D</p>

<p>Legitimately sell a piece of my art</p>

<p>Get a Masters… or a Professional degree in something.</p>

<p>make it to the end of it</p>

<p>Fly over ten million miles on Star Alliance airlines.</p>

<p>Become a CEO of a hotel company/investment company.</p>

<p>Have a residence aboard The World.</p>

<p>Attend the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, Olympics(Winter & Summer), NBA Finals, Final Four, Wimbledon, and Masters Tournament at least once. </p>

<p>Raise a family and die happily after seeing them succeed in life hopefully…</p>