Life in the Military Vs. University

Hello all,

I hope my message is received by both the veteran community and those highly experienced in university endeavors. A little backstory on myself: I enlisted in the Army at age 17 with the promise of utilizing the GI Bill to fund my university education upon completion of my four year contract. I am two years through, yet my current dilemma revolves around the next path career to take in life. That path steers on whether or not to take direction into university in computer science or to pursue a programming career in the Army.
I am highly interested in programming and future prospects of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am experienced in programming Python and C. Experience set aside, am I ready for university? Currently I only think that I am interested. When I enroll and go through university, will I be happy? Will I maintain that energy to pursue computer science? I am not motivated by money, rather I am motivated by meaning. Thus, for those versed in computer science or in higher education, do I have the right motivation to pursue education, or am I delusional?
Regarding future reenlistment, should I forego potential university? I am devoted to our country and seek to help out in any way I can. Potential careers regarding programming skills are both interesting and highly favored. Thus, will a life in this potential prospect lead to a better outcome in the hopes of attaining high aid in the nation’s defense?
I know this thread may seem delusional or derived from an indecisive youngling, yet I need some advice. I am approaching the halfway point and currently I hold a 3.9 GPA in a college, I need to decided soon, thus any advice is much appreciated!
Thank you all.

I do not understand your current situation. If you are in the US Army on a 4 year committment that you started at age 17, how do you have a college GPA of 3.9 ?

I think OP is referring to college courses the military facilitates, usually distance learning from a legit uni. Many military folks take advantage of that.

Thank you for responding, however, OP’s situation is still unclear to me after reading his post several times & in light of your @lookingforward helpful post.

His situation is pretty clear. I’m not sure what you mean. Maybe his question is a bit jumbled.

Submit a re-enlistment package (if you can even do that yet) and decide on your future later. You are also not even close to the point where you have to worry about this. Worry about furthering your education once you are actually eligible to schedule your required transition class.

As for the computer programming classes you’re taking now, very rarely would you have the opportunity to use what you learn in your actual job depending on your mos, so just treat those as gen ed. For more selective colleges, stem credits don’t transfer anyway if you’re trying to get a degree in some stem field.

Focus on your enlistment: do what you’re told and work on your leadership skills assuming you’re an nco.

I smell something wrong here-too many grammatical mistakes in the post.

The writing style isn’t typical of a US high school kid grad currently in the military. To me the writing looks to me more of a of a South Asian.

Enlisted military service members have a college + military option, which is to apply to a military service academy.