Life of an application

<p>I was just wondering where the app goes after you submit it. For instance, after you apply SCEA, who sees the app and what do they do with it? I heard that legacies skip a "regional board" and go straight to the discussion this true? How many steps are there for you app before admission is granted?</p>

<p>Just wondering, thanks.</p>


<p>Stop wondering. It's irrelevant. Either you get in, or you don't. I admit the process is interesting, but there's nothing you can do about it so stop being paranoid.</p>

<p>Your regional officer will review your app and then present it to the board of all officers. S/he's responsible for making a case for you and budgeting their time effectively ("he's an easy reject", "she's clearly an admit", "we need to spend some time on this one"). Final decisions are made by the entire board.</p>

<p>True, but I wonder if the regional reps discuss every applicant in their region, or only some</p>