Life on Campus

My daughter was accepted to Stetson for the fall. We reside in Boston. When we visited the school we could not get a vibe of their student population as they were all in the dorms. Can anyone shed light as to what a weekend may look at in regards to social opportunities at Stetson? Our concerns are that there are so many Florida residents that it may be a suitcase school?

I would like to know more too. We visited and liked what we saw, but don’t really know what the social scene is. My son was also accepted at Rollins and from what I understand they are very different, but not so different because a lot of kids apply to both schools. i think Rollins has more to do in the local area (Winter Park, Orlando), while DeLand is closer to the beach and I recall hearing that a lot of kids go to the beach on weekends.

My son was accepted to both Rollins and Stetson with similar merit, but has always felt more at home at Stetson where everyone just plain remembers him by name. He attended 4 open house days over time, a shadow day and 2 computer camps. The people seem to be friendlier at Stetson. Apparently, the crime rate at Stetson is extraordinarily low according to a student who was studying near me last weekend (from Oklahoma). It was quiet, but she said there is always enough to do. My son was invited to the honors program, and they told us that there are always a lot of things to do including about 5 world-class musical performances each week. They encourage students to attend sports events, rewarding them when they check in with an app. They also need 24 culture credits to graduate, which apparently the honors students consider a challenge to rack up as many as possible. Nelson Mandela’s grandson spoke there this week, and that was a culture credit, for one example. It seems like a community-service oriented school with the sororities and fraternities really focused on philanthropies, too.