Like Oh Mai GAWD

Your application has been forwarded to the College of Engineering admissions office for review. </p>

<p>This should not be construed as an indication that your application is complete. Please refer to the requirements for your college to ensure you have sent all the required materials to us.


<p>They got it; everythings in......................
When will DECEMBER 11/15 COME!!!!!</p>

<p>sorry for the pointless post... post if you've got the same message</p>

<p>haha wow...i hope that this enthusiasm came forth in your application</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>yup. I got that too.... to College of Arts and Sciences for review.</p>

<p>Wow.. now it's all up to God... :)</p>

<p>is this the mail-version of the application status check??</p>

<p>It's the status check. Got mine for engineering : D</p>

<p>i go that too. but my oct scoes didnt come in yet. is that okay?</p>

<p>What if I didn't get that message? Does that mean anything other than my application was not randomly chosen for review?</p>

<p>do we find out the 11th or the 15th?</p>

<p>did u guys all apply online? I applied in hardcopy and I still didn't get anything..=(</p>

<p>no i did paper. EVERYTHING paper <em>shoots self in head</em> i got everything in in the middle of Oct, including a portfolio, and i got stuff in the beginning of nov.</p>

<p>i got that for college of arts and sciences. but they're still missing one evaluation!</p>

<p>same here- one evaluation :(</p>

<p>I just saw mine :D It's at the very bottom of the don't know when it came...
Does this mean my Nov SAT score won't be accepted though?</p>

<p>probably them</p>