Like Totally Cheat?!

<p>IF I am a student interested in becoming a civil engineer, but don't have the SAT2s for that yet (no chem, and still in physics) should I apply for the school of architecture, art, and planning since urban and regional planning is somewhat related to civil engineering, and if i get there switch colleges?</p>

<p>Or should I just bite the bullet and fail the SAT2 in physics, and still apply for engineering?</p>

<p>go the AAP route. I don't see how failing the SAT2 physics and applying to Engineering is going to work.</p>

<p>Well, what if my physics class happens to be the largest class on campus, and it wasn't in the physics room due to the fact that we just finished building the new science building so were in the process of putting everything in there now.</p>

<p>I just checke the stats for admission, and it seems that There is a 30.9% admit rate into the college of engineering. And a 17% for the AAP one. maybe I'll take the bio SAT instead</p>

<p>AAP is easily one of the very hardest colleges to get into so make sure u could actually get in b4 making this decision (as in do research on wat they are looking for and what u have) [altho that's more for architecture students...I'm not too sure about the major ur talking about]. Engineering on the other hand has much easier acceptance rate but a reallllly tough applicant pool [that''s why the % is high...but it's veryyy deceiving b/c the % does not actually represent the competativeness]. Just keep these things in mind b/c I don't know enough about u to tell u what to do w/ ur life. GL either way!</p>