Likelihood of receiving significant scholarship?

<p>I am a high school senior who has applied to Penn State, La Salle, St. Joe's, and Temple. I think my gpa is a 4.0. I've played 4 years of high school soccer, had a summer job, and my SAT score is 2170(780 writing, 690 math, 700 reading). Do I stand a chance getting a full tuition scholarship from any of the listed schools? If not, at least a significant amount? I have a sibling in college already and another in high school, and my father has struggled financially supporting the family and keeping us all happy. Also, I think it would be a huge advantage to graduate with little-no debt. Please give me some advice on my chances</p>

<p>Penn State doesn’t give big scholarships. I think the only merit scholarship that PSU give is the one for Shreyer Honors students…which is about 4800 per year.</p>

<p>You’ll have to look at the websites of the other schools to see what they offer. Some schools only look at the Math + CR score…yours is a 1390, which can be short for full tuition at some schools. </p>

<p>Are you in Pennsylvania?</p>

<p>How much can your family pay? Room, board, and books can be about $12k-13k per year. If you have to pay for some of tuition as well, you could have to pay $20k per year. Will your family pay that much? </p>

<p>You can only borrow the following amounts by yourself…</p>

<p>5500 frosh
6500 soph
7500 jr
7500 sr</p>

<p>Hopefully, some here can recommend some schools where your scores will get a full tuition scholarship. :)</p>

<p>What will your major be? If it’s engineering or computer science, I do know where you could get free tuition plus 2500 per year.</p>

<p>I am thinking about majoring in finance. And yes, I am from a suburb of Philadelphia. College will be doable without a full scholarship, but it makes things way more difficult and I’m just wondering if I should expect a large amount of money.</p>

<p>The best thing you can do is go to the web sites of those schools and search for merit aid. They should have a listing of what is available.</p>