Likelihood to be accepted into George Mason

<p>I already applied to GMU for Early Action, but I'm quite curious( and eager) to see if I will get in or not. I have a GPA of 3.39 ( 9th-3.35 10-3.34 11th- 3.7) the reason why I have a 3.39 is because in 8th grade I took Spanish and got a C, and forgot to tell my counselor to take it off my transcript, because I wanted to start taking Latin. For the SAT's, I got a 500 in reading, 650 in math, and 520 in writing( I heard GMU only looks at the 1600 score, anyways). My EC's aren't too great, as I was only in Latin Honor Society, received 2nd place econ state challenge, learning a language, and I am a violin and guitar player. I think my essay was pretty well written. Throughout my high school career (including this year) I have taken 3 AP's ( Macro/Micro Econ., Stat, and Gov), and I have taken 6 Honor Classes.
So what is the likelihood of me getting into GMU?</p>

<p>High Reach</p>

<p>High Reach, but anything can happen.</p>