Likely Letter Request

<p>I have been recruited by a HYP since around July, and in October the coach submitted by transcript and ACT scores for a pre-read before he could offer the OV, and apparently I passed and went on the OV a few weeks later. I fell in love the school and committed soon after. I submitted my application on October 28th, and the coach explicitly said he had initiated a likely letter request on my behalf. So, my question is, how often do the requests fall through? My grades would not typically be considered HYP material, which is why I am slightly worried. (They are by no means bad, just not your 'average' 4.3+ GPA). Any input will help ease my stress!</p>


<p>Hey. congrats! It is a stressful time while you’re waiting for the LL. For what it’s worth, if the coach puts you up for a LL, it almost always works out. (And try not to lose any sleep over that ‘almost’ word)</p>

<p>Too late :slight_smile: And how long does it usually take? It has been about 2 weeks since I submitted my app, which is why I am starting to get worried, especially when I have read that people got theirs rather quickly.</p>

<p>My daughter, who I believe competes in the same sport based upon your screen name, was offered her LL on 10/29 and received an email from the coach in mid Nov stating that the LL meeting had been postponed. Finally got the paper in hand 12/2.</p>

<p>LL took about a month for me - app submitted 10/6, LL received 11/5.</p>

<p>My impression was that H may take longer than Y and P.</p>

<p>“how often do the requests fall through?”</p>

<p>zero fall through in my D’s sport. </p>


<p>Hi - my daughter was told she could have a LL as quickly as 48 hours- So after putting in her application we really sweated when a week went by. Finally she called Admissions to check --Admissions did not have her teacher recommendations yet. The teacher’s faxed them and we heard a few days later. So you should check with Admissions on your application and make sure everything is in place.</p>

<p>We walked envelopes with stamps into the hs teachers writing recs. Late rec letters are famous for hanging up athletes admissions</p>

<p>We walked the envelopes to the teachers as well. However Admissions told us they had thousands of unopened mail and it would be weeks before they waded though it all. It really is best if teachers can send electronically.</p>

<p>^^depends on the school and the athlete being recruited. electronic wasn’t an option for my d. too slow:)</p>

<p>In my case the admissions office also hadn’t gotten to my recs yet. I just got my teachers to give my another copy, sealed in an envelope, and then gave them to the coach. The coach gave them to the admissions office, and I got my letter a couple days later.</p>