Likely Letter???

<p>Does anyone know if Emory and Oxford give out likely letter...</p>

<p>I've never heard of it...but others should back me up before you take my word to heart. :)</p>

<p>I've never heard of any school sending 'likely letters', and I'm 99% sure Emory doesn't.</p>

<p>I think some minorities will find out their decisions earlier than normal for some special Emory event for them. Link: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>


<p>Were those minorities in that topic solely limited to blacks/hispanics, as I read from one post or could it also be applicable to Asians?</p>

<p>I know that for Vanderbilt University I got in already because I was a minority, albeit an Asian minority.</p>

<p>Did Emory's minority weekend also include Asians or not as seeing as Emory has more Asians in their student body than does Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>I have no idea. However, if Emory does send them early to increase minority yield, then it doesn't seem as if they would send them to Asians (as Emory has plenty of Asians; low on blacks relative to the Atlanta area, almost no Hispanics - something like 4%)</p>

<p>Link: Class</a> of 2011 sets record for being most diverse, international in Emory’s history</p>

<p>jmw123, plenty of schools send out likely letters. Almost all of the ivies, and other comperable schools (Duke, UVA). If Emory did send out likely letters, it wouldn't be shocking, yet i've never heard of it.</p>

<p>^Yeah, Duke and UVA and Columbia, etc. etc. send out likely letters. And for the listed schools, I am 100% sure they do, because I've had friends recieve likely letters from them, both this year and last year. <em>shrugs</em></p>

<p>Nevertheless, never heard of Emory doing it, though I wouldn't be surprised.</p>

<p>no, never heard of Emory mailing likely letters.. lots of kids from my school applied, including me, and no one has heard anything....</p>

<p>the answer is no.</p>

<p>ah im freaking out because i didnt get a likely letter from cornell, penn, yale, princeton, or columbia ... although i got one from NYU .. does this mean i should give up hopes of being accepted to any of the 5 ivies i applied to? i am not URM or an athletic recruit but stilll...</p>

<p>Calm have a week until you find out anyway, why stress about it now?</p>

<p>^That is exactly what I would say. Calm down. What is done is done. You cannot change anything now so do not stress about it. You still have a about a week so do not worry about it. Relax.</p>