Likely letters

<p>Hey, I'm just wondering but I'm an athletic recruit for an ivy and my pre-read was accepted and everything and I submitted my application ED... Does that mean that I'm going to get a likely letter soon? Do I necessarily get a likely letter? And if I will get it when should I expect it? Thanks(:</p>

<p>It should arrive by Friday.</p>

<p>Kidding, of course - sorry. That's a conversation you should have with the coach - ideally before submitting your ED ap.</p>

<p>This is an interesting question. All Ivy League schools can offer likely letters, but I was under the impression that up until this year Harvard and Princeton needed to utilize them more than the other Ivies, since H and P didn't have ED or EA, and needed to use LLs so they didn't lose their top recruits to schools that could give recruits an earlier commitment. Now that both have SCEA, I can see that LLs are less important for them than they were in the past.</p>

<p>Does anyone here have any thoughts about LLs diminishing in importance now that all Ivies offer some form of early acceptance?</p>

<p>Interesting thought, Sherpa. I don't think the LL will diminish in importance, though. With only one ED/EA to 'spend', I think recruits still need the assurance of a LL before using it. Also, in weighing offers from scholarship schools, the LL gives the recruit the confidence to pass up the early NLI signing date.</p>

<p>Likely letters end the recruiting process. Waiting until ED without a LL will take the students out of the recruiting race and before the student has anything definite.</p>

<p>So what should I do? Talk to my coach about it? How can I bring that up without it being awkward?</p>

<p>You might this thread informative
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<p>Having already applied ED, you don't have much leverage at this point - but a call voicing your concerns (or bringing a parent into the mix) might help.</p>

<p>Well he already told me he's supporting my application and I went on my official and everything...</p>

<p>Ask him point blank for your LL. End of story. If he hedges, you better make it known your still in the recruiting game. It may all be fine with ED or it may not.</p>

<p>Some ivies (e.g. Brown) will send a LL pretty much automatically. If you feel awkward, this may be a case where a "paranoid" parent could call and ask about a LL.</p>

<p>Just ask for one - it's not that hard.</p>

Does anyone here have any thoughts about LLs diminishing in importance now that all Ivies offer some form of early acceptance?


<p>I think they will continue..our athlete accepted a LL and we would have counseled to not apply early to that school without the commitment of the LL ... for the top recruits, it brings the whole process to a "gentleman's handshake"
Still did a happy dance on Dec 15--though here the Big happy dance was done mid Oct, and then days later when the LL arrived.</p>

<p>I SO wish that we had read threads like this last year. Son was told that he was being recruited to an Ivy last fall. There was a long period of silence then he contacted the coach and told him that he was being heavily recruited by his second choice school, a great D3 school,and that he needed some input to decide which one to apply ED to. The coach sent back a sort of vague email saying that of course he was a recruit and to apply ED and see how things sorted out.
I read the coach's as "You are on my back up list and will only get in if my top choices do not apply" my son read it as " I am getting you in". He applied ED to the Ivy- was rejected.
Luckily the #2 school had ED 2 and he applied and was admitted. It worked out really well and I cannot imagine a better fit both academically and athletically for my son.</p>

<p>so my words of wisdom
!. Push for a real commitment - LL before throwing away your one chance at ED ( we were indeed fortunate that the ED2 option was available!)
2. Things sometimes just work out for the best even if the road is bumpy</p>

<p>Wise words, Palmom. The lesson of your story- to listen well and hear the subtext- will be so valuable to future recruits and parents. Glad to hear it all worked out so well for your son!</p>