Likely letters?

<p>Anyone get one? If so, what state do you live in? Synopsis of stats?</p>

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<p>Some people may have but to logically draw any conclusions about anyone else's chances is foolish. Don't go down this path. It's only straw grasping and causes needless worry for the non-likely letter recipients -- which is most of the admitees.</p>

<p>I got one and I live in Florida.</p>

<p>But the poster before me is right, you shouldn't worry!the vast majority of the admitted class gets in without a likely letter :P</p>

<p>what is a "likely" letter</p>

<p>Google is your friend bookworm. The first two entries are College Confidential posts. Mine is the second. But here's the direct link:</p>

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<p>Although posted to the Yale forum, most of the facts apply for H and others.</p>