Likely Letters

<p>Any possibility applicants may find out a bit earlier than an EA admissions date of 12/15 in order to apply ED II with a deadline of 12/15? Appropriate to call the adcom regional rep around that date for an answer or are likely letters ever sent to non-recruited athletes?</p>


<p>My recollection from last year is that some colleges sent out notification a few days earlier via email or through the login admission website; others, however, insisted on sending their notification snail mail no earlier than Dec. 15 (MIT and Princeton, if I recollect correctly). So I think it is appropriate to contact the rep and ask; but to be doubly sure, especially since this involves an EA notification, I would spend the fee and send out the EDII by the due date. All the other materials would have to be ready to go, anyway.</p>

<p>Some schools had admissions info available online a day or two before their stated day, the 15th. As Marite correctly stated, others including Princeton and MIT still insisted on using snailmail and those students didn't hear until three or four days after everyone else at the earliest. I would agree with Marite, don't take chances. Have the ED II application in the mail by the prescribed date and, best case, you withdraw the application.</p>

<p>Likely letters were sent last year during RD by only a few schools. One in particular was Yale who sent letters to students in the RD pool that Yale wanted to "bring into the fold" early because with their switch to SCEA, they had no clear picture of yield from their early process. I haven't heard of likely letters for EA for anyone.</p>

<p>Recruited athletes get/got likely letters in October from Ivies and others.</p>

<p>Stanford, and maybe other schools, send out the letters a tiny bit earlier. I think Stanford's came by mail on Dec. 10th or 11th last year. They gave email notification only to international students, I believe.</p>