Likely Letters?

<p>The inside the admissions office at Bowdoin thread piqued my curiosity when it talked about “early writes” in mid-March. Has anyone received a so-called “likely letter” from Bowdoin – you know, you’re a great candidate, etc., etc.? Just trying to peer into the admissions black box a little more…</p>

<p>Nope, I haven't.</p>

<p>I've heard that bowdoin sends out these letters during the second week of march which is later than some other schools send out theirs.</p>

<p>yea, that's like when we're supposed to get admitted...</p>

<p>or rejected, lol</p>

<p>like Yale and Harvard send out to let top prospects (athletes? prodogies?) know they are likely to be admitted, so don't do anything to rash like enroll somewhere else! You're all talking about the "early writes", that is, a first wave of RD admissions going out the 2nd week in March rather that the last week in March.</p>

<p>So I'm guessing that Bowdoin doesn't go the "likely letter" route...I guess that's potentially good news, because we sure haven't seen any such letters around here!</p>

<p>thanks for the info! Although i know that williams has already sent out some early writes - i wonder why bowdoin does them so late?</p>

<p>Probably because Bowdoin does EDII decisions in mid-February while Williams does not offer the EDII option.</p>

<p>yeah that makes sense - good point torasee.</p>

<p>Lol, so this afternoon my mom called me at school saying that i had gotten an envelope from Bowdoin - she was really excited about it and thought it might be a likely letter.... but this is what it said "I am writing to let you know that your application to the Class of 2012 is complete and is currently being evaluated..." Woohooo, haha. </p>

<p>I didn't think it was an early acceptance since people keep saying those don't come out till next week but there's always this little shimmer of hope when you get envelopes from colleges around this time, right?</p>

<p>I still haven't gotten that letter piratemonkey... think I should give Bowdoin a call?</p>

<p>yeah, it couldn't hurt. I actually e-mailed them asking if i was supposed to have gotten some kind of confirmation in the e-mail and i got the letter a week or two after that so maybe they just sent it to me to shut me up :)</p>

<p>shoot, I just emailed them Sunday because I had requested a local alum interview but I hadn't heard back</p>

<p>Hi xxx,</p>

<p>I received your email about a BASIC interview. We did receive your request on 1/17. Unfortunately, no local alumni were able to conduct an interview for you, as they became overwhelmed with requests in that area.</p>

<p>You may submit an extra recommendation in lieu of an interview if you like. Remember, an interview is NOT required.</p>


<p>I guess I'll just let this one go, don't want to seem annoying, two emails in one week. I can't even imagine how many emails they have coming in. I sent all my stuff out, same time and same way, and everyone else has gotten my stuff, so.... I'll wait it out</p>

<p>stab in the dark, but, do you live in Massachusetts?</p>

<p>lol one out of six chance.. close

<p>haha trying to work that probability! A few of my friends from central MA received similar emails.</p>

<p>I live in Hawaii, and I got an interview pretty quickly.</p>

<p>Do you think that means higher prospect of getting accepted or something?</p>

<p>nope jorr08, they don't consider your application when scheduling interviews</p>

<p>I got a likely letter in the mail yesterday. It was very personal and referred to many specific parts of my application. I'm from Maine but I am skiing at a ski festival in Vermont for the mom called me yesterday and started the conversation with "You are never going to believe this..." AND, it was so cool because the guy that I am rooming with also got a likely letter. It was such a coincidence because he literally got off the phone with his parents while my mom was calling me. Financial aid was also included in the letter. Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>Congrats!. I thought roommates are "randomly" chosen (Doesn't Bowdoin send us a questionnaire to help pick roommates?)</p>