Likely to Be Rescinded from UCSD?

<p>Im new here and here is my problem...</p>

<p>I struggled in AP Calculus AB in the fall semester of senior year and received a D+ for semester and my teacher is unwilling to allow me to do any extra credit or redo any work to raise it to a C-</p>

<p>I worked my butt off second semester and managed to earn a C for second semester and I'm hoping for a 3 on the AP test, (got a 2 on a mock, but the real test seemed easier)</p>

<p>I also plan to take Calculus this summer at a Community College.</p>

<p>Overall GPA: 3.85 weighted
3.5 unweighted </p>

<p>This is my fourth year taking a math class, so would Calculus still be considered an A-G Requirement? </p>

<p>Will UCSD rescind my admission offer?</p>

<p>your best bet is calling the admissions office, explaining your situation (including the community college calc course) and seeing what they have to say. always be humble and apologetic. take whatever advice they give you to try and rectify things. fortunately, the fact that your grade went UP from first to second semester will work in your favor. on the downside, UCSD will put more weight on not passing all your classes than still having a GPA above the 3.0 cutoff.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>If you get a D, you get rescinded. Game over. Sorry, not trying to be harsh, but I have seen a lot of rescind stories and I don't think it's fair to give false hope.</p>

<p>Did you try explaining the situation to your teacher? As in, you'll be rescinded if you receive a D.</p>

<p>My son is in a similar spot with AP Physics. We're still working through the process. Not very hopeful about keeping his admission though.</p>

<p>thats how i got rescinded in high school. good luck</p>

<p>thanks for the help you guys. i convinced my teacher to change my grade to a C so I dont need to worry about this anymore :)</p>

<p>It's good to be in HS.</p>

<p>Forget that ever happened, though, once you're in college. Professors and TAs won't be so lenient.</p>