<p>I have two questions.
First, who sends out the "likely" letters to athletic recruits. Is it the individual coach, or is it admissions. If I have talked to the coach and he has shown interest and he has submitted my name to admissions, is that the same thing?</p>

<p>Also, what does it mean to apply to a school but the school does not arrange an interview.</p>


<p>likely letters are given out in special cases when the applicant is very well-qualified and is also extremely good at his or her sport and is applying early. for example, i know a kid applying early to harvard who is getting a likely letter from the crew coach. but he's a smart kid and he's a national team rower who placed at world championships this past summer. </p>

<p>if you have been talking to the coach there are a few possibilities for different levels of recruitment. you can be "supported" by the athletic department and that means you're virtually assured to get in unless you are not qualified academically for the school at all. or you can be recruited and have your application "coded" by the athletic department so that the admissions people know that your a recruit and that a certain team wants you. coding does not have as much weight as the support does though.</p>

<p>well, how much "weight" are we talking about with "coding". I meet requirements, but I'm not a standout.</p>

<p>coding helps out quite a bit, if you need a boost, coding will help. but if you really need a lot help from athletics in order to get in, youll probably need full support, not just coding</p>

<p>If you are told that your app. has been "tagged," does this mean you have merely been 'coded' and are not receiving the highest level of support?</p>

<p>is it rude to ask coaches about how much support they can give me? i mean can i ask them whether he will code me or give full support?</p>

<p>also does d3 schools have code system as well?</p>

<p>tagged and coding are the same thing. but getting coded is pretty good cuz it does label you as an athletic recruit. the coaches cant fully support every athlete they want. each team has a certain number that they can support. for example, the crew team at Penn can only support 11 people. another hting is most of their fully supported recruit spots get taken up early decision, so if you want full support try applying early. </p>

<p>no its not rude to ask how much support you will get. coaches like it when you are honest and upfront with them.</p>

<p>i dont really know if d3 schools have coding, i only really know about d1. i would assume they do, but dont quote me on that.</p>

<p>I don't know what sport or divison you are talking about, but being spoken to by a coach is not always being fully recruited. The coach may speak to many potential athletes to get a feel for them.
From this he may only be interested in getting a handful to apply, and then only 2-3 will attend.
When you speak to the coach face to face you can usually get a good feel on how you stand.. The coach should be able to tell you your chances of being accepted at the school. Whether he can get you in, or you can get in by your own stats.</p>

<p>Many schools will ask for a verbal commitment from the athlete, in this way both the coach and the player know that the spot is filled, even before the admissions process.</p>

<p>the college coach told me that I will be among top 3 in track & field...but the thing is it is division 3.......not sure how much support they can give me...</p>

<p>div 3 can recruit. I'm not sure how much support they can give, I guess it depends on the school. But they can NOT give athletic money. So if the school is a reach you will not get scholarship money, can not get athletic money, and will have to go with financial aid if needed.</p>

<p>D1 schools do have athletic money to give out (some schools, some sports it varies)</p>

<p>i am not looking at scholorship..i just need acceptance letter....:p</p>