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<p>Ok, so I want to apply to the College of Communications but I have a problem. I already have 30+ college credit from Dual Enrollment/AP's & the communication school is telling me that I need to apply in February if I want to participate in their program. I KNOW for a fact that I won't get in if I apply in February and I need more time the strengthen my portfolio (I have internships set up w/ Lobbyist & Def Jam Records for summer 2011). Anyway my question, if I just leave my major as Undecided or Mathematics (something unrelated to Communications) until next summer (2011), when I have to change it because I'm not on "course" for my current major, will i be able to go to Communications?</p>

<p>^Hey, I'm almost in the same boat as you with 31 DE credits coming to FSU as a new freshman and seeking admission to Communication College, though it sounds like you are doing a different major in a different school in the Communication College than me. If you don't mind me asking, how do you know for a fact that you won't get in if you apply in Feb.? If there is no way for me to get in, I want to know now. I'm not going to FSU to get steamrolled right out of the starting block. I guess I better check in with college advisers to get the lowdown on getting into the Communication College.</p>