Limited dining options?

While researching this college, we have found that the dining options appear to be really limited. For those who have attended Ursinus, how do you feel it works for you? We are mostly concerned about weekends. It appears that only Wismer is open during this time? And no night-time options beyond 7:30p on the weekends at all? Are there local hangouts that deliver? Is the general store open at night? I just remember when I went to college (around 6000 students, so much bigger but not state school big), we loved grabbing a bite at an on campus “restaurant” after evening study sessions or games, when the ding hall was closed.

Also, how do you feel the dining plan works for you? The website noted that for the 21 meal plan, the meals do not carry over across days even in the same week so you only have 3 meals per day. I am wondering whether this causes problems, particularly for athletes who may have odd hours and need to eat more than 3x/day some days (ex grab something quick before practice but want to eat a full meal afterward). The 14meal plan seems more flexible but of course, it only allows for an average of 2 meals per day.

The C store’s hours are here:

Also the 14 meal plan has Dining Dollars with it so you can use them for your third meal of the day. All plans cost the same.

There is a pizzeria right across campus and if you have access to a car there are a million fast casual places within a mile or two. There is also a traditional diner that is walkable. I am not sure who delivers but I imagine there are some places - my daughter got a lot of coupons and flyers when she arrived for orientation last year.