Limited Enrichment Programs?

<p>i'm just wondering exactly what it means/what's the difference when you're in a LEP major. </p>

<p>i was just accepted as a communications major, which is included as a LEP.</p>

<p>Limited Enrollment Programs dude.</p>

<p>It's a Limited Enrollment Program, which means that they have a certain number that they can accept for that major.</p>

<p>Nothing. If you've been accepted it doesn't matter much afterward.
As far as I know, depending on the program, you have to maintain a certain GPA to stay in it.
It also stands for "Limited Enrollment Program" meaning, there only a certain number of people allowed in it.</p>

<p>In your case it means just don't be a fool and you'll remain a comm major. If you get crappy grades, particularly in certain comm classes, you'll get the boot:</p>

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