Limited to 6 schools! Which ones should I choose?

<p>My school limits the number of applications to 6, so I have to pick schools wisely. I have decided to apply to schools where I have a chance because I don't want to end up being rejected from all schools.</p>

<p>2280 SAT (800M, 740CR, 740W)
800 Math II, 800 Physics, 800 Chemistry
IB: 43/45 Predicted, Full Candidate
No GPA/Rank/APs offered at my school</p>

<p>8 International Math Competition Awards (nothing amazing, average AIME qualifier level (6 points at AIME))
1 National Award for Business
7 School Awards</p>

<p>President/Founder of 3 Clubs in School
Run successful business
Internship at Barclays
Organized 3 science projects
Student Council
2000 hours of community service
Varsity Basketball
10 Major leadership roles</p>

<p>4 Languages</p>

No Financial Aid
Great recommendations/essays.
International Applicant.</p>

<p>So far, I know the following are schools I am definitely applying to:</p>

<p>Wharton (maybe ED)
UChicago EA
UMich EA (Ross pre-admit)</p>

<p>The following are schools I am considering:
UC Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon</p>

2000 hours of community service


<p>...are you serious?</p>

<p>2000 hours of community service. That's a lot...
I think you have chances to all of those schools.
Looking at your statistics it's clear that you're qualified but... Chinese, and also if you're male, will play against you. Considering most Asian males who apply to top schools usually have near perfect SAT scores and GPA...</p>

<p>why do asian males rock so much?</p>

<p>Concerning UC Berkeley, it depends whether you're a California resident or not. Since it is a public university, it's much easier to get in if you are so you should apply to it as a safety (considering your grades and test scores) if you live in California.
As for the other schools, I think those are more your preference since they're all fairly close in selectivity. Have you tried to convince your school to increase the number of applications you can send out?</p>

<p>What state do you live in?</p>

<p>Where are your safeties!!!!!??????!</p>

<p>I'm an international applicant - applying from overseas. </p>

<p>I'm going with the assumption that I will get into University of Michigan EA, so if I don't I will apply to a safety (University of Miami?).</p>

<p>I seriously have 2000 hours of community service and I have verified the legitimacy of that number with the admissions officers at the specific universities.</p>

<p>It's impossible for me to convince my school otherwise as it has been their policy for many years and most applicants from my school go to UK, where they are automatically limited to 6 schools. Thus, no one appeals this policy.</p>

<p>English is also my second language - I don't know if that helps justify my 740s in CR and W.</p>

<p>Now that I think about it, would 2000 hours constitute a hook to some degree?</p>

<p>Anyone? :S</p>

<p>Yes.. that's quite a large hook actually, if you can express properly that involving yourself with the community or whatever you did is part of your passion.</p>

<p>Lol 2000 hours of CS is no joke - obviously u havent just done it for the adcoms so u can definitely work that in as a hook.</p>

<p>IB: 43/45 Predicted, Full Candidate</p>

<p>^I think you have a good shot at ANY school. The Ivies are a bit of a crapshoot (for anyone) but I think you'll be good with UMich, Emory and CMU.</p>

<p>Edit: You may consider reeevaluating what you want from a school. Ex. although the Ivies are all very prestigious they're also very different; Brown has an Open Curriculum, and therefore you wouldn't necessarily get a well-rounded education but you might like that versus Columbia's famed Core Curric. Also, I think they might have different schedules...</p>


<p>Thank you all for the replies. I should mention that those 2000 hours of CS aren't in the purest forms - e.g. cleaning rubbish off the street. They are in other forms, such as teaching, or doing something for the environment. I am have mentioned this earlier, but I verified that they count for community service.</p>