lincoln douglas debate

<p>hey, does anybody know whether top colleges look very favorably upon this kind of activity, and if so, how do they evaluate it? I'm a junior, just went to my first tournament on saturday. Didn't go too well. I love and know some philosophy, but I need to work on the more aggressive, argumentative aspect of the game. Chances are that i won't be a stellar LD debater within a year, and won't have tons of points with the Nat'l Forensic League; i simply view it as an interesting experience related to my interest in philo. Would that matter very much? How do they really evalute this sort of thing. Just curious.


<p>If you're good at it, it helps A LOT</p>

<p>and i guess you have to prove that with awards and whatnot :/ ah well. hope i can do well in the future. i'm a total newbie; didn't even know what a value criterion was. chances are that i won't get too far in a year...:}</p>

<p>man, do what you love. i love philo but never got into debate
do what you love and write it down
dont do something you love for the college crap u get with it, do it for urself
do like community service or create a club..or something for college man..sheesh</p>

<p>Considering this is your first tournament and you started debate during your 3rd year of high school, it seems that colleges would look at your involvement in debate as one lacking commitment. Unfortunately, many students have started freshmen year (myself included), and I've only received ~100 pts or so (so 3rd highest possible award out of 5 awards). If you like debate and practice a lot, give it a shot. But, if you aren't as successful, focus on community service or perhaps start a philosophy club? Write an article about philosophy and try to get it published? The options are there, so just do what you like.</p>