linens - worth it?

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<p>I'd rather not get screwed over and find out these are uncomfortable/bad quality. Does anyone have them/can tell me if they're worth it?</p>

<p>We did not purchase the linens, but heard on this forum and elsewhere that the quality was poor and you can get much better quality elsewhere ( for less $$. All the beds are x-long twin size.</p>

<p>okay, thanks!</p>

<p>can anybody else share their opinion on this..I am an international student...and i get there on the 28th night..and were supposed to movie in would be a lot easier if i could order from the linen thing..</p>

<p>or are the reviews relatively negative in terms of quality..cost is not really an if some one else also post their opinion on the linen would be really helpful..thanks..</p>