Linfield College?


I’ve always read threads like these for a while but I just decided to make an account. I recently applied to Linfield College and I’ve been looking for threads about this college but none of them seem to be recent. I do have lower scores (C+,B-,B) and I have really good letters of recommendation and a good essay (I’m proud of it). I was wondering if anyone can give any feedback on their experience at this school. I’m from Washington State btw

Was this school worth the tuition price?
This school specially preaches about a “small college setting”, do you feel like it lived up to the expectations?

So would you be on the McMinnville campus, or in Portland?

Oregon2016, McMinnville

I met a great young woman who was so disappointed that her family couldn’t afford Linfield. McMinnville and Dundee are going through growing pains with wineries, air museum attraction and government offices expanding.

I’d like to hear about Linfield from current students, what is the campus culture like, do most students leave on the weekend, etc?