Linguistics programs comparison

<p>Pls let me know if you think any of these have notably better or worse linguistics programs:
Cornell, UPenn, JHU, WashU, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, UMich, UVA. Any others of that level with good linguistics programs?</p>

<p>Penn's is the best of those you listed, and one of the best anywhere. Carnegie Mellon's is also great (with a slant toward computational linguistics). Stanford, MIT and Berkeley have the other top linguistics programs. (Those are probably at a higher "level" than the others, though, if by level you meant the colleges' selectivity.)</p>

<p>University of Chicago
Department</a> of Linguistics | The University of Chicago Division of the Humanities</p>

<p>Cornell and Penn are (or were) top-notch. I believe Michigan has a decent program. MIT has a famous linguistics department; so does Berkeley. Yale is, I believe, somewhat hot now. I have the impression that Texas is good, but maybe because a friend of a friend is there. I don't know anything about the other universities you mentioned. There are lots of good linguistics programs at lesser-prestige places, like Toronto and UMass. Among LACs, Swarthmore has a good program (and access to classes at Penn).</p>

<p>Know UW-Madison has linguistics. caliber??? But a good school overall.</p>

<p>Is William Labov still at Penn? I was under the impression he was a linguistics bigwig (specifically dealing with dialect / accents).</p>