Link to pics of our (UA's) gorgeous new South Engineering Research Center

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<p>great exterior and interior shots</p>

<p>My only complaint is that it looks like the back side of the building will face a new parking lot, yuck.</p>


<p>Do you have that link that gives an arial rendering of all 4 phases? I thought I bookmarked it, but can't find it.</p>

<p>Atlanta: Thank you for posting these beautiful photos. I have forwarded the link to my friends so they can see where my D gets to take classes. Beyond impressive.</p>


<p>Still looking for an aerial pic</p>

<p>South</a> Engineering Research Center - Buildings - The College of Engineering - The University of Alabama There are aerial views at the bottom of the page at this link. The UA webpage for this new building has updated the page with a new pic. and info.</p>

<p>Those are nice pics.</p>

<p>The pic I'm looking for isn't a's a more recent artist rendering (aerial) of all 4 phases. </p>

<p>I'm sure I bookmarked it, but I can't find it. lol</p>

<p>We got to walk through the building when we visited on the 20th of January. Dean Karr said he didn't even know what was where at that point. Beautiful from what we saw. They know how to make 'em look impressive!</p>