Link to UCLA admissions, ITS OUT!

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<p>post if u got in!</p>

<p>henry samueli</p>

<p>hi =) (got in)</p>

<p>i got rejected by other 2UCs

<p>got in to 3/4 uc's so far...waiting for cal. l&s undeclared life sci. also invited to honors college....what is up with the fin aid says i have not sumbitted my fafsa when i submitted it way back in january! any help????</p>

<p>you have to submit the SIR first i think...</p>

<p>Hey penny which other 2 UC's did u get rejected from?</p>

<p>Yay! Thanks for posting that up. I'm in!</p>

<p>i just got in tooo !! ^_^
i found out like fifteen mins ago.</p>

<p>A rejection!! damnit..</p>

<p>Yeah, didn't get it. Oh, well</p>

<p>i got rejected from san diego and davis
weird, huh</p>

<p>Wow 55,000 applicants...</p>

<p>i got rejected from sandiego but i didtn apply to UCLA because im weird like that... Now i regret not doing it.</p>


<p>I Got In!!!!!!!!!!1111</p>

Weird, seeing as how I was rejected by UCSD. Does LA use a similar points system?</p>

<p>Maybe for the essays...I think UCSD is a little more about essays or a little less about holistic achievements. Because.....I got in there and not UCLA so that must be the case haha.</p>

<p>they dont do point system. they have 1 person sit down n look at ur whole application and then they have another person read it 2. and thats how they decide.</p>

<p>Ah, that makes much more sense =D</p>