List grade-deflating schools here:

<p>Whether public or private, list them:</p>

<p>I think you forgot a "please"...</p>

<p>Just off the top of my head: Andover, Exeter, Groton, Deerfield, Stuyvesant, and Thomas Jefferson on the East Coast; Harvard-Westlake, The Harker School, and a couple others which currently escape my memory on the West Coast.</p>

<p>^ What do you mean by grade deflating? Let's take Exeter... how hard is a 4.0? I knew someone at harker with a 4.8... are you sure that's deflated, because he didn't seem all that brilliant to me...</p>

<p>^ A 4.8 on what scale? If it's out of 6.0 it's really not all that impressive. To be honest I don't know a whole lot about top ranked private schools on the West Coast, but I have heard the names Harvard-Westlake and Harker thrown around quite a bit...</p>

<p>It's a 4.8 out of 4.0... also, where does this 6.0 scale come from? I've never seen it except on these boards</p>

<p>Other NYC Public Magnets: namely Hunter and BronxSci, also Choate.</p>

<p>Also TJ is hardcore...</p>

<p>Yes, I forgot a please, =) sorry!</p>

<p>My biggest concern is that my school is no way compared to Exeter,..etc.
But we STILL have grade deflation, since the teachers want us to be in a bell curve.</p>


<p>^ Where do you go? That'd shed some light on the matter.</p>

<p>Our school is AWESOME. I love my school.
But it is public.
I don't think you know my school, but I will try to send you a PM.
I would like to keep it confidential.
Thanks =)</p>

<p>Public, we're the opposite. We have MAJOR GRADE INFLATION!.</p>

<p>What is your val's GPA? and his/her SAT?
i have a 2370 and my GPA is 3.7... lol</p>

<p>But my class rank is definitely top 5% and almost salutatorian. By senior year, definitely.</p>

<p>My math class this year exhibits major grade deflation. Worse than a bell curve...way worse :(</p>

My math class this year exhibits major grade deflation. Worse than a bell curve...way worse


<p>There are more F's than A's and more D's than B's? (And more F- than A+, more F than A, more F+ than A-, more D- than B+, more D than B, more D+ than B-, more C- than C+, etc.)??</p>

<p>That's pretty much unheard of. For me, at least, I've never been in a class where more than a few people got D+ or lower...</p>

<p>That is possible.
Grade deflation can take place everywhere...
Princeton is a good example of this.</p>

<p>It is extremely easy to get a 4.0 at Exeter since they have an 11 point scale.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
Second page shows how many seniors receive each range of GPAs.</p>

<p>Gretchen Whitney High School</p>

<p>sent 42 to harvard, 33 to yale.. OMG</p>

<p>Also remember that Andover has a 6 point GPA scale.</p>

<p>Wow Metallika, you actually posted on CC again. What's it been, 2 months ;) How have you been? And you're set @ Exeter!</p>