List National AP Scholar or CumLaude on Common App?

My child’s school does not report class ranks. He has the highest GPA, but the only ranking-related recognition is the Cum Laude. He is also a National AP Scholar (all 5s except one 4).

On the Common AP, there is not enough room to list both of these. Which one should he skip?

It seems logical to skip the the National AP Scholar, as the AP scores are reported somewhere else on the app. But the Cum Laude is for the top 10% of the class, which is really an understatement, in his case (the best in a class of 200), in terms of conveying class ranking information.

What should he do?

IIRC your counselor, even at schools that don’t rank, will list the highest GPA at the school to provide context for your GPA. If your son has the highest GPA at your school, this fact should be pretty clear to any Admissions Officer, but you can definitely ask if your counselor will reference this (my school didn’t rank but does have a val and sal.) :smile:

National AP Scholar is a national “award,” so if you have space on your Common App, I would recommend submitting it (and marking it as national) rather than leaving an empty space. However, I don’t know much about the cum laude society: I’m assuming it’s something akin to NHS, but more selective? If so, you should ask your counselor if she will reference the fact in their letter, and then choose (IMO would choose National AP Scholar over listing Cum Laude, which is evident from your son’s GPA, but it’s your choice at the end of the day.)

Hope that helps!

Our school doesn’t rank, and doesn’t put the top GPA on the report, but does list election to Cum Laude Society on the transcript. Check If your school does this, if it does, problem solved.

As you note, National AP Scholar is just a label that results from the AP scores that you submit (I assume). It adds no value to an application. It would like recording a 4.0 GPA then noting receipt of a “4.0 GPA Award”.

Cum Laude also adds little value, if GPA is provided and the school’s profile lists GPA at various percentiles, as our does. But if there’s nothing else to include, I’d use the last line for Cum Laude.

Thanks for everyone’s reply. Both awards are information-wise redundant. Hopefully he can find something else for the last last spot.