List of Colleges that require SAT Subject Tests

would like to see a List of Colleges that require SAT Subject Tests

There are no colleges in the US that require SAT subject test scores.

Some colleges recommend them (Georgetown, some Ivies), you would need to go to each schools website and/or ask the AOs to verify current information. Some schools will consider the scores if you submit them, again verify on websites.

Some schools that previously required subject tests are now subject test blind (MIT, CalTech, Harvey Mudd).

Strong subject test scores can be additive to your application at the schools where they are recommended or considered, but are highly unlikely to be the difference maker in the admissions decision.

Don’t prioritize subject tests over the regular SAT, and only take them if it makes sense in the context of your applications.

Good luck.

Google “ List of Colleges that require SAT Subject Tests” and you’ll find multiple lists.

Be sure the list is current. Then check the admissions sites of schools you are interested in, to be sure.

There are only a small number left that Recommend.

Fwiw, McGill still requires two Subject Tests if you submit the SAT, for several majors. They may be the only “Required” left anywhere.

I don’t think any require them, but some recommend it. My college counselor said that with the state of the world right now, if you haven’t taken SAT I yet, prioritize that, as colleges are being a lot more understanding abt subject tests, etc.

Also, these 2 threads had a lot of good info:

They aren’t required, but good scores are real important for top 100 schools. Many engineering programs also want to see math and physics or similar.

They aren’t as important as they used to be, mainly because the AP exams are more rigorous.

I strongly disagree with this. Maybe they are important for the top 20 or so, but no way do you need them at all for anything outside the top 50.

Yes, I agree they are more important for top 50 or top 20 schools, and you don’t really need them below that level. However, decent scores can really help with top 100 schools. A high score can make can stand apart.

They are of marginal importance to maybe 20 schools.

Very few students should be taking them.

They are important to applications to Ivies and such. They can be important to engineering programs below top 100.

If you get an unexpectedly high score, they can be important to 50-100 level schools. I helped someone get low 700s on the math SAT 2, who got in off the waiting list at about a #70 school. This person had good ECs, but wasn’t in enough AP classes and such to usually get accepted at that level of school. I am sure the subject test made the difference.