List of colleges that send likely letters

<p>Does such a list already exist? I've been searching for a while and couldn't find one... I'm just curious to know which colleges have sent likely letters in the past. If anyone knows for sure that a college does send them, will you please write the name here.</p>

<p>I don't think there's a list. Your best bet is to check the specific college forum for last year's postings. However just because a college sent likely letters our last year doesn't mean they will continue this year.</p>

<p>Wellesley does it.</p>

<p>There isn't a set list of who sends letters because it probably varies year by year.</p>

<p>OP: CC denizens are inordinately fixated on "likely letters". The fact is that very few admittees get them. The fact is also that you'll likely be admitted by several schools that don't send them and perhaps a goodly few that do send them.</p>

<p>Frankly don't worry about something that doesn't affect you. If you happen to be one of those diamonds whom schools are scrambling for: bingo. Congrats for you. If you happen to be human like the rest of us, then don't worry.</p>

<p>But since you ask: the Ivies and some others use them since they collectively agree not to notify RD decisions until April. They want to start selling themselves to the few stellar applicants who may be facing heavy recruiting and scholarships from competing colleges. They want to dissuade these applicants from accepting another offer because they cannot yet officially deliver theirs. Basically, they are marketing tools. Make sense?</p>

<p>T26E4 nailed it on the head. However, MIT DOES send them, along with Wellesley and Barnard.</p>

<p>It says here though that MIT doesn't send likely letters - MIT</a> Admissions | Blog Entry: "Likelihood" ? Or have they changed their policy or something?</p>

<p>I know Duke and Dartmouth have sent them in the past.</p>

<p>MIT gave me a likely call, but it was QuestBridge related (I got it the same day I found out that I wasn't matched.)</p>

<p>My son got one from Cornell 2 years ago. It said:</p>

<p>"Dear (name here),</p>

<p>I'm writing to let you know how much the admissions selection committee enjoyed reading your application. Your academic and personal achievements are outstanding, and your future goals seem well suited to Cornell University. Although the Ivy League schools won't notify students of their admission decisions until early April, it may excite you to know that you are very likely to be admitted to Cornell."</p>

<p>Dartmouth sends out approximately 500 likely letters in waves, beginning February.</p>

Notes</a> from Peabody: The UVA Application Process: The Likely Letter</p>

Yale</a> Daily News - ?Likely letters? part of Yale?s admit strategy</p>

Top</a> scholars, athletes get 'likely' letters from Office of Admission - Campus News</p>

The</a> Harvard Crimson :: News :: Likely Letters on the Rise</p>

<p>Amherst sends an Early Write letter
Williams sends an Early Write letter</p>

<p>from article:


From article A wink and a nod</p>

<p>Education</a> & Jobs News, Elementary, College & Graduate Education Trends at -</p>

<p>Dartmouth College "Likely" letter Sent before the Ivy League's agreed-upon mailing date for acceptance letters. Dartmouth says the letters are not a violation because they only hint at admission rather than grant it. "We do these letters to try to introduce some 'humanity' into the pressured admissions process," says dean of admissions and financial aid Karl Furstenberg. </p>

<p>Grinnell College "Wink" letter Not much winking and more of a straight admission. Letter reads: "I am both pleased and excited to send you this early notification of your acceptance to Grinnell College." </p>

<p>Clark University "Love" letter A note, often handwritten, saying "how much the admissions office enjoyed reading the application or that we appreciated the effort the student made to present a thoughtful essay," says dean of admissions Harold Wingood. </p>

<p>Williams College "Early write" A committee meets every week for several weeks in January and February to "really look for the superstars," says Richard Nesbitt, director of admissions. The result: About 200 students every year receive an admittance letter two months before the rest of the pack.
Colorado College "Early notification" School admits about 10% of all "regular" admissions candidates about three weeks early. </p>

<p>Smith College Early scholarship notice "The fact that Smith thinks these students are special is conveyed to them," says director of admissions Audrey Smith. The message is reinforced with $2,500 a year in scholarship money and a paid position as a campus researcher. </p>

<p>Mary Washington College "Honors" admission Sends "fancy, shmancy, suitable-for-framing" certificates that say "honors admission" to about one-third of admits, says Martin Wilder, vice president for enrollment.


<p>Shravas--MIT definitely does. I knew a girl who last year received a Valentine from MIT, shaped like a pie with the Pi digits all over it. I saw it myself. (I know I already mentioned that in another post.)</p>

<p>Lmao, aw, that's absolutely adorable. MIT is so creative! Honestly, the tubes just sound awesome.</p>

<p>And yay, Barnard sends them?! I hope I get one.</p>

<p>I know of: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth. HYS each send out around 100, and I think Dartmouth sends out about 400.</p>

<p>Also, you need to distinguish between athletic and non-athletic likely letters, which are at different times of the admissions cycle, typically. The "coveted" ones (as it were, at least on CC) are those in the RD round.</p>

<p>Bowdoin sent my son an early write two years ago.</p>

<p>I got one from UNC!!</p>

<p>Rice sends them =]</p>

Vanderbilt (MOSAIC for minority students)