list of East Asian-American Males with White Wives

<p>I'm not in denial of anything, but I just thought a list would be interesting.</p>

<p>Steven Chu
Jen-Hsun Huang
Yo-Yo Ma</p>

<p>I think S.I. Hayakawa had a white wife and so did the very first Asian immigrants (the Japanese fishermen who literally floated across the sea; look them up)</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I could not find anyone else that's notable. Of course, if YOU know any...</p>

<p>My neighbor across the street, Ben Hong, who is the assoc principal cellist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Not in Yo Yo Ma's territory, but he's quite good.</p>

<p>Who the hell cares? You must be a desperate loser to be posting this obsessing about East Asian-American males with white lives like it certifies East Asians' places in society.</p>

<p>One of my best friends is South Korean/Irish and his current girlfriend and x-girlfriend are both white. Do you think he had an inferiority complex about being 5'4" with pre-dominantly East Asian features? No. He has confidence and charisma and used whatever he had to its utmost potential. I never heard him say that being South Korean hindered him in anyway; in fact, he was always the most cocky and confident guy around.</p>

<p>So many East Asians on this board and on the internet in general are so ****ing pathetic and suckkkk at life. I always see this kind of stuff being posted around. Man up and seek something better.</p>

<p>^as an asian, i completely agree with you...except for the last sentence (this thread is just meant to be interesting and nostalgic)</p>

<p>i wonder why muscle7 isn't all over this thread?</p>

<p>I'm annoyed because it's not easy for everybody no matter the race. Everybody has to over come their personal barriers. And I see so many East Asians with white girls just as much as any other peoples (other than white guys obviously), I don't understand why I only read East Asians' struggles in the dating scene like they are the only people who have it hard. I could be the ugliest Latino dude (could be...just a scenario) and just because girls think Enrique Iglesias and Gael Garcia Bernal are sexy does not help me at all.</p>

<p>^Then I suppose you could create a thread like "Why can't I find a girl?"</p>


<p>Ha, no thanks. But at least then it would be open to more people.</p>

<p>Jon from Jon & Kate + 8.</p>

<p>I think?</p>

<p>^great example!</p>

<p>It's not a "great example," if you ask me. She was an overbearing psycho, and he cheated on her.</p>

<p>He's also half white...</p>

He's also half white...


<p>no wonder he's so ugly. halfie men are the ugliest people in the world, seriously. I'd date an asian chick, but i'd never marry one in fear of having a son who looks even more down syndrome than jon.</p>

i wonder why muscle7 isn't all over this thread?


<p>I'm supposed to care that a few asian guys date/marry white chicks?</p>

<p>i was going to say that the obsession with white people amongst asian people on this board was pathetic, but that is not the appropriate word. the correct word would be alarming. downright alarming. are all of you really that brainwashed that you view all things white as a godsend? a lot of you bear mental similarities to uncle toms of slave days...</p>

<p>The economist blog Marginal Revolution sort of wrote about this a few days ago. The post was about immigrants, not Asians specifically. The hypothesis: women are often sought for their physical appearance, and men for their social status. Men lose this social status (and marriage appeal) when they immigrate, but women do not.</p>

<p>Enough of the Asian inferiority complex topics.</p>

<p>I'm Asian, and even I'm getting sick of these threads. They're really depressing.</p>

<p>heh...this thread is all about making asians happy!</p>

<p>If you guys would come up with more names, it might make me happier.</p>

<p>i doubt there are very many...there are only about 200,000 asian male-white female couples in the U.S. (look it up)</p>

<p>OF COURSE there aren't very many... that's why this thread is depressing.</p>