List of individuals, by state, named as NM Semifinalists for Class of 2023

It has been a few years since I visited this forum. In the past, somebody created and updated a post of links to sources that named the individual semifinalists in each state. Does that still happen? If so, where does it exist?

Have been looking for Minnesota but can’t find any. Any info?

The only one I find is MA (unfortunately the post prohibits posting the link).

Are these lists public? We shouldn’t be passing around private data using CC.

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Links are restricted for new users. Please see the FAQ.

Even if public, there are folks who would be less than thrilled to have their personal information which includes their state of residence posted here.

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Thanks for the explanation, Jon.

Exactly. We shouldn’t be promoting the dissemination of personal data on College Confidential.


Additionally, unless someone is looking to market services targeted at high scoring kids, I fail to see the utility of obtaining such a list.

And as a parent I would not be happy to see my minor child’s name being passed around on the Internet.


I think everyone can agree if the information are publicly available, then it is what it is. The National Merit actually were the ones sending the information to the media and the school and media publish the list.

I am a parent and I am waiting whether my child makes the list or not (technically he should based on the scores) but the school hasn’t released any news yet.


Unfortunately that information is already out there in public domain. NMSC has given many media outlets the detailed lists by state (student name, school, city), which was embargoed until today. I’m starting to see the details published in local newspapers and regional news services.

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You know…the amount you pay for property taxes is also a matter of public record. Would you want yours published in an online forum?

If you want to put your own kid’s name here, go ahead (although frankly, I think that’s a poor idea). But other kids? Let people look in the newspapers in their areas themselves.

I would be less than thrilled to see my kids’ names on this forum.


Maybe just ask your high school directly? “I see that NMSC semifinalists have been selected. Did my kid make it?”


i remember looking for this info a few years ago. someone on reddit took pix of the info they had and posted by state although not every state was included. i think over the next few months news outlets and your schools will be publishing the info randomly; until then google might be your friend. but for a succinct list - no never have ever seen one!

Thanks. Actually considered it this morning and my child told me to wait. We got it about 2 hours ago - the G&T Teacher from the school sent it individually to each student. Curious to know how many made it from the school.

The lists were released to media outlets to use as they saw fit. There’s dozens and dozens of articles now listing students from particular schools, towns or counties. It would be helpful to those of us who lack local media to see the press releases sent to the media. Historically they never publish it on their website so seeing the press releases or lucking into a local article are the only options.

Isn’t it already? They literally sent the names and schools to hundreds if not thousands of media outlets with permission to print them. It’s random chance whether any given kids name gets picked up in a story or not.

By tomorrow it will be on all the local news. The schools notified the kids. Anyway it really does not matter not even as an award. Given the different qualifier indexes and the deemphasis of tests in general they have little importance for colleges recruiting nationally.

Think like this, nowadays you can apply with an SAT, but is capped at 760. So basically it tells schools that you could have had max a 760x2=1520 SAT in 11th grade which is nice, but not a very creative award on one’s award list. If you have other national awards use them.

Not everywhere, or even most places. It’s very hit-and-miss where local media publishes it.

There are plenty of schools who still give meaningful merit aid to finalists (some even to semifinalists) and even some who give full rides. That certainly matters to some.


I suspect those who receive this National Merit package, and others like it, consider it an award.

  • Value of tuition for up to five years or 10 semesters for degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate or law studies
  • Four years of undergraduate on-campus housing at regular room rate* (based on assignment by Housing and Residential Communities)
  • $3,500 per year undergraduate supplemental scholarship for four years**
  • $2,000 one-time allowance for use in summer research or international study (after completing one year of study at UA)
  • $500 per year Supe Store book scholarship for four years

I am in the same boat.