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<p>USNews Rankings</p>

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<p>These rankings are a great place to start, dig deeper at websites, too. Engineering programs differ when you look more closely; some have options like Scholars Programs, Business (co-)focuses, undergrad research, assocaitions with international research groups, internship progams with domestic and international employers...
The schools which are more highly ranked often offer more variations and extras in their programs.</p>

<p>"Compared with other university rankings, the Leiden Ranking offers more advanced indicators of scientific impact and collaboration and uses a more transparent methodology. The Leiden Ranking does not rely on highly subjective data obtained from reputational surveys or on data provided by universities themselves. Also, the Leiden Ranking refrains from aggregating different dimensions of university performance into a single overall indicator. "</p>

<p>CWTS</a> Leiden Ranking 2013 - Ranking</p>

<p>CWTS appears to rely entirely on publications? Not sure this is necessarily better, especially for undergraduate only schools.</p>

<p>Interesting ranking. U Penn is ranked high and their research is excellent in engineering and mat sci. I did an undergraduate degree at University of Pennsylvania and found their undergrad research opportunities to be superb. Professors have large amounts of research money, staggering lab facilities (huge clean rooms with extraordinary equipment) and they were highly respected in their fields which seemed to greatly help my grad school applications (accepted MIT, Caltech, Princeton, Cornell)</p>