List of Quarter System Colleges and Universities?

<p>Where can I find a list of Colleges and Universities on the Quarter System?</p>

<p>I haven't come across that specific organization list before. It's probably easier if you know what schools you're looking at beforehand.</p>

<p>Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford</p>

U of Chicago
All UC except Berkley and Merced
DePaul University
University of Denver
Drexel University
Eastern Washington University
Furman University
Louisiana Tech University
Mercyhurst College
Northwestern University
Ohio State University
Ohio University
Oregon State University
University of Oregon
Portland State University
Santa Clara University
Stanford University
Union College
University of Washington
Wright State University</p>

<p>Evergreen State College</p>

<p>What are pros/cons of the quarter system?</p>

<p>Most high schools and some colleges are based on a 16/17-week semester system. </p>

<p>Students from these schools find it very difficult to adjust to the fast pace of the 10/11-week quarter system. Understand that due to the short amount of time, professors tend to cram a lot of information in a little space. The same amount of stuff that ususally happens in a 16 week course now takes place over a 10 week period.</p>

<p>On a quarter system not keeping up with the work and completing all of the necessary readings can set up up for failure because everything happens so quickly. Once you fall behind in the quarter system, it is very difficult to make up for lost time. Midterms can start as early as the third week and appear as late as the eighth week. </p>

<p>My daughter attends a school on the quarter system. Classes are held on a 10 week cycle that began on Jan 4 and will end on march 8 . There are with 2 sets of midterms: first send betwen last week of Jan and first week of feb and second set about 3rd week in feb. Final week is held after classes end from March 11-15.</p>

<p>I think as with anything it is about making the adjustment.</p>

<p>stambliark41........I was in the quarter system during high school and I miss it. The ability to get more done in a shorter period of time means that all the work you do is meaningful. I miss it. I would do it again in a minute.</p>

<p>The University of Denver is on quarters.</p>