List of SAT practice tests

<p>Hi y'all!</p>

<p>Lets make a list of all the SAT practice list we know of...and if possible, write smth about these practice tests</p>

<p>Ill start with the BB, gREATEST resource eva!</p>

<p>Please tell us more!</p>

<p>PR - pretty close to the real thing, good answer explanations for the most part, a few very good tips</p>

<p>Past PSAT's... I found PSAT's harder than SAT's, strangely, but authentic nonetheless</p>

<p>well these aren't actual practice tests, but might as well be!</p>


<p>Jan 06, 07, 08
May 02 (yea, this is no typo, 02), 06, 07
Oct 05, 06, 07</p>

<p>Also don't forget the 6 Online course practice tests.
Also don't forget CBs practice available online.</p>

<p>Well, thats my $0.02.</p>

<p>Hmm I appear to be missing the May 02 QAS lol!</p>

<p>Don't forget the practice tests that CB has posted on their website as the free practice. You have 05to06, and 06to07 (07to08 is the same as 05to06).</p>

<p>That makes 23 SATs in all.</p>

<p>What is/are QAS?</p>

<p>QAS is Question and Answer Service
which College Board releases its SAT questions
for those who took the SAT test
They only release it few times a year</p>

<p>How about the PReview 11 practice tests boook?</p>

<p>I would never use outside companies practice tests.</p>

<p>You have 23 official practice tests from CB if you look in the right places.</p>

<p>8 on the BB, 6 in the online course, 1 free on the CB website....and 8 QAS ones...right?</p>

<p>CB says:
The Question and Answer Service (QAS) provides your test questions, the correct answers, scoring instructions, and a form to use to order a copy of your answer sheet.</p>

<p>Does such a service provide a full SAT paper? If yes, how can I get the paper? Does anyone know if I can get it in pdf format?</p>

<p>may 02 QAS? is that the old sat??
if so, u'd be better with the book "10 real SATs"</p>

<p>^The May 2002 test is test #10 in the 10 Real SATs book, it wasn't a QAS test (I don't think QAS was started until later).</p>