List of Strengths and Weaknesses of Columbia University

<p>Please list the Strengths and Weaknesses of Columbia in all areas, including but not limited to the academics, the professors, the fine arts, the living conditions, the costs, and any special/strong programs.</p>

<p>go to college *******'s columbia page.</p>

<p>prow ler is a dirty word? i think it isn't that great of a representation of things in the columbia case at lease.</p>

<p>Biggest strength is that Columbia's in NYC. It's a short subway ride from downtown which is nice, but if you're looking to be in the center of it all (i.e. NYU's location), you'll be bored of the relatively slow pace of Morningside Heights. Personally, I really like the neighborhood feel of Morningside... sometimes the hustle and bustle of downtown is overwhelming.</p>

<p>Biggest weakness is that it's a very isolating place. Despite enjoying the best location out of the Ivies (Manhattan, baby), Columbia can be extraordinarily depressing especially in the winter. It's difficult to explain, but my sophomore year I got pretty down and felt like I wasn't connecting with anyone / making superficial friendships.</p>