List of Strengths and Weaknesses of Princeton University

<p>Please list the Strengths and Weaknesses of Princeton in all areas, including but not limited to the academics, the professors, the fine arts, the living conditions, the costs, and any special/strong programs.</p>

<p>Free printing and laundry!! (costs)</p>

<p>Weaknesses: Low hit points, bad defense, limited physical attack, cannot equip heavy armor or weapons. Heavy weakness against fire, shielded units, and weather conditions. </p>

<p>Strengths: Fast spell casting, +2 to magic, fast attack, fast mana recharge rate, can heal friendly units, -50% to all cold attacks, immune to poison, defensive shield.</p>

<p>Princeton is a solid starter for the first four years of your higher education, but you should really look for a different class after that. It really starts to show dramatic disadvantages compared to other players.</p>

<p>They have a radio station with a really high watt output. I could pick up the signal well into PA. They had some really neat programs back in the day. Sounds of the Underground was the best! 609-258-1033 is the phone # if you want to make a request or have a shout out. Yup, the program was that good I still remember the phone #. They do play some strange music, if you can call it that, during the day.</p>

<p>And they have a nice campus.</p>

<p>Strengths: People get looked down upon for asking stupid questions since, as a Princeton student, you are expected to be intelligent enough to do your research beforehand, particularly on topics that have been discusses ad nauseum and are considered extremely elementary.</p>

<p>Weaknesses: Many students play RPGs.</p>

<p>Hey, I saw you on the Cal forum! <em>runs</em></p>