List of Top, Prestigious Awards

Where would the winners of prestigious scholarships like Coolidge Scholars, Bryan Cameron Impact, Coca-Cola, etc. fall on this list? Junior trying to build my resume

IMO, winning a scholarship is just a reflection of other things you’re done, and maybe an essay/interview. I wouldn’t put a scholarship on a college application.

Would YYGS fall under tier 5 with programs like cosmos?

What about MIT WTP? Where would it fall on the list?

Someone earlier in this thread suggested the YYGS would fall under tier 2, not in the same category as cosmos.

at best. I wouldn’t even consider YYGS a reportable activity.

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not even in awards if u have tons of space?

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im pretty sure it would give a large boost, many people ik who have attended it have got into t20s with it as one of their primary focuses

My junior daughter is a Congressional Award Gold medalist and Girl Scouts Gold Award recipient, and I am surprised to see Congressional Award Gold medal in Level 7. Why is it so prestigious?

I don’t think the Congressional Medal should rank that high either (my sophomore has the silver and is closing in on the gold.) But who knows. No one agrees with my (low) opinion about YYGS either ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You don’t mean the Congressional Medal of Honor, do you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

haha, whoops! I do not. I mean, “Congressional Award: Gold Medal.”

How helpful are level 7 awards? For 8, it
Said a large boost, but then no comments for 7 and below…

Coolidge would be a 9 alongside Bryan Cameron. Not entirely sure about Coca-Cola as the semi-finalist distinction is not as noteworthy for CC compared to that of Coolidge or BC. If we’re talking about a regional finalist/scholar recognition, that’s different, but that probably won’t even be shown to the colleges as decisions will already have been made. I saw that the senators at Coolidge did incredible this year with a ton of HYPS+ acceptances. I know for certain as I saw at least 15 senators at Bulldog Days, Cardinal Weekend, and Princeton Preview.

Where would Emerson Prize winner fall? That’s given by The Concord Review for the 10 or 11 best papers published each year.

It is already there as Level 8, but should be clarified as Emerson Prize.

I see Concord Review publication at 8. They publish about 45 papers per year. I didn’t see Emerson Prize which goes to the top 10 papers in a given year. Did I miss it or are you saying your view is that there is no additional distinction?

Let me preface by saying my area of expertise is with the math and science awards, not the humanities.

I only have anecdotal information about the Concord Review from students that were published over five years ago. I had assumed that they had gotten the Emerson Prize, but looking at it again, that wasn’t the case. But both those students had great outcomes, so an 8 was probably correct. The Emerson Prize can only help further.

10: Congrats
Putnam Fellow
Fields Medal
Nobel Prize Medalist
D1 athlete
gold/silver medals
Regeneron STS Top 10; ISEF Top 3 Grand Prize;
History Day National Winner
Single/First Author in High Impact Factor Journal
Special performance/Solo at Carnegie Hall
International Competitor in a Sport
Boys Nation President
RSI (Research Science Institute)

9: Almost a ticket to a prestigious school

Regeneron STS Finalist; ISEF Best of Category
NSDA Nationals winner
Tournament of Champions Winner
NCFL Nationals Winner
Published in a relatively prestigious journal
National Student Poet
Jimmy Awards (musical theatre)

8: Amazing accomplishment; Large boost

USAMO qualification; AMC 12 Perfect Score; USAPhO/USNCO/USABO/USACO National Finalist
Regeneron ISEF 1st-4th place category; Regeneron STS semifinalist; Davidson Fellow; Presidential Scholar; MIT PRIMES; MITES
Concord Review Publication
FIRST Dean’s List winner; top 5 at FIRST World Championships
Google Code Jam Round 2, 3 Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)
Facebook Hacker Cup Round 2, 3 Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)
International Public Policy Forum Top 32 team
Writing Portfolio Gold Award; Presidential Scholar of the Arts; Scholastic Art;
All National Band or Orchestra performer
Boys Nation Participant
Clark Scholars


ARML Tiebreaker Round; USAMTS Gold Medal; HMMT top 50
CMU SAMS; NIH Research; Iowa Writer’s Workshop; SUMAC; ROSS; SSP; Simons; PROMYS; Mathcamp; Garcia
State governors schools with acceptance rate <15% (PGSS, NJGSS, most other science governor’s schools)
USACO Platinum Division
ISEF Finalist
Top Team, YES Competition (Young Epidemiology Scholarship)
History Day National Level
Scholastic Art & Writing National Gold Medal. NFL Nationals (speech and debate) “breakers” (elimination rounds), Tournament of Champions (debate) “breakers,” Congressional Award Gold Medalist
International Public Policy Forum Top 64 team
Foyle Young Poet
US Senate Page


(6.5) Google Code Jam Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)
(6.5) Facebook Hacker Cup Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)
USACO Gold Division
AMC 10 Perfect Score
Less competitive governor’s schools (Acceptance rate between 15% and 25%), any other scholarship summer programs not aforementioned
Congressional Award Silver Medalist; NFL Nationals; Tournament of Champions Qualifier
Science Bowl/Ocean Science Bowl/NAQT winners; Technology Student Association Nationals
FIRST Dean’s List finalist; Top 5 FIRST Super Regionals (FTC)
Scholastic Art & Writing National Silver Medal
State Science Fair Winner/Top Award (Depends on state)
Academic Decathlon State (CA) Honors Top 3
University-run poetry contests (Patricia Grodd Prize, Lewis Center at Princeton Prize, etc)
Very selective summer programs (acceptance rate 10-15%: TASS, UC Davis YSP, IOWA SSTP, BU RISE, UCSB RMP, HCSSiM, BOA Student Leaders, HSMC, Rockefeller SSRP, EFL, M&TSI…)

5: Pretty good; will complement an already strong record

FBLA Nationals
AIME qualification
National Latin Convention 1st Places Academic Contests,
All-Eastern/all-regional music, State History Day top 3 place
Top 5 FIRST State Championship (or Regionals for FRC), JETS TEAMS National Finalist, Skills USA Nationals
Academic Decathlon State (AZ/TX/MA/WI), Nationals Top 3 Honors & California Event Golds
Selective summer academic programs (acceptance rate 15-25%: UC COSMOS, UF SSTP, Wharton LBW, MIT Launch…)

4: Fairly difficult

USACO Silver Division
Science Fair Regional winner
Science Bowl national qualification
Perfect Score (Multiple Years) on National Latin/Spanish/French Exam
State awards (all-state music, etc)
Academic Decathlon State (AZ/TX/MA/WI) Event Golds
National Merit Finalist
MUN Gavel
AMC 10/12 school winner (depends on your school)
Art and Writing Regional Gold award
Top 5 FIRST Regional (FTC)
Position in Local Government
National AP Scholar at Junior Year

3: Some effort involved, but not uncommon

Student Body
Winning at local/regional science fairs
All-County music
Eagle Scout Gold Award (with prior Silver and Bronze Awards)
Head of a competitive club that you did not found (ex: Mock Trial, Model UN, Science Olympiad)
Editor in chief of award-winning school newspaper
Head of a club with large membership and substantial activities (Interact Club)

2: Your average go-getter

Bank of America Awards
Presidential Service Award Volunteering Gold
Local awards/trophies
Essay Contests
Regional History Day

1: Common activities

National Honor Society
Beta Club
School Departmental Awards
School Honor Roll
Key Club; CSF; Interact Club
National Merit Commended
Member of a club with no distinctions earned

0: A dime in a dozen; meaningless

Who’s Who; National Honor Roll; National Society of High School Scholars

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Intel ISEF is now Regeneron ISEF