List of Transfer Schools ! Any Advice on Admissions

Here are my stats from my current university - transfer for a sophomore year into international relations or politics depending on the school
GPA : 4.0 (Deans List)
3 AP Tests (4,5,5)
ncaa division 3 lacrosse player - does not have to be a must but would love to play
sorority member - alumni director

Here are my Schools : (would love to know my chances of getting in & any other schools people recommend)
American University
Catholic University of America
Loyola University New Orleans
Tulane University
Virginia Tech University
University of Maine
University of Denver
University of Arkansas

Depending on how lacrosse will affect your choices, look into the University of Richmond.

Thank you for the suggestion - I already have & sadly too expensive too attend. Lacrosse does not have to be a must

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